The Ontario Outdoors Recreational Association (OntORA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to equal access to Crown land in Ontario.

OntORA was formed in 2008 by concerned outdoors people from across the province as a result of recent policy changes by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. These policies – some of which are alleged to be unlawful and unconstitutional – allocate large amounts of Crown land and public lakes for the sole use of privately held “remote tourist outfitters”. In a number of cases, these tourist outfitters are even foreign owned!

OntORA supports a variety of access restrictions and road closures for selected areas of public land and special wilderness areas where it can be proven scientifically that human presence has a significant and permanent detrimental effect on the environment.

All parks should contain areas of remote wilderness for walk-in and canoe adventure. There should also be areas for other levels of ability such as interior car parks and areas accessible only by off road vehicles (ORV). However, this public land should be protected equally for all people – not reserved for special access by tourist outfitters and their select clientele.

OntORA believes that all public land should be enjoyed by all Canadians, regardless of income, social status, or political affiliation. Currently, most of the people in Ontario are being restricted from accessing thousands of pristine lakes on Crown land due to the MNR’s unnecessary road closures.

Many of our members are avid Ontario fishing, hunting, and camping enthusiasts. As such, on many occasions they enjoy hiking and canoeing into wilderness areas. On other occasions they might also enjoy riding an ATV or driving their camper trailer into a remote lake to do some fishing with their grandchildren.

As of 2009 OntORA has close to 1,000 direct paying members, and more than 75,000 official affiliated members through groups including:

  • United Steelworkers of America
  • Chelmsford Fish and Game Club
  • Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club
  • Wilderness Riders Association
  • Road-Based Tourism Outfitters
  • Northern Wings Amateur Builders
  • Various Rod and Gun Clubs



OntORA welcomes new members and volunteers from all walks of life across Canada and the United States. Your small membership fee of $20 will help contribute to restoring equal access to public lands and lakes for you and your children. Family memberships are$25