2011 Ontario Election – Vote for Crown Land Access

The 2011 Ontario Election is fast approaching.

It will be interesting to see what happens – if anything – regarding crown land access and the MNR’s continual abuse of power and lack of concern about equal public access to our Crown lands and lakes.

OntORA_Hudak_McGuinty_HorwathGilles Bisson from the NDP has been a great supporter of OntORA’s goals over the past year or so, and has brought a lot of attention to the issue by repeatedly questioning MNR Minister Linda Jeffrey in the legislature about these abuses.

On the other hand, the current PC party has put some pretty clear goals into writing regarding their approach to opening up public access. The PC’s maintain in their “ChangeBook North” (see p.15) policy handbook that they will completely fix this problem.

The Liberals – well let’s just say their record speaks for themselves so far.

Which party do you think will act in the public’s best interest and open up all of our Crown Lands and Lakes for equal public access – with no buffer zones, no culvert removals, and no more idiotic 30 foot high berms at every creek crossing?

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  • Gord Pedersen August 6, 2012, 10:33 pm