A Vision shared by citizens of Ontario

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Liberal Government slashes MNR budget  again.  Perhaps the MNR will cancel some of their contracts  to make “Road Closed” or “No unauthorized motorized vehicles beyond this point” signs and give back the land to people in Northern Ontario.


Mr James Tregonnning

Nickel Belt provincial Liberal candidate


I would like to respond to your statement from the article ‘Provincial opposition engaging in ‘useless filibustering’ on Apr 16, 2014. You statement was  “Premier Kathleen Wynne has the vision and the leadership to create a government that works for the people.” First I would like to tell you this is great news to the outdoor enthusiast of Northern Ontario.  And second, I certainly agree that filibustering is always useless.


I would also like to take this opportunity to point out some visions that the people of Northern Ontario have, and would ask that you share these visions with Premier Kathleen Wynne as well as other the MPP of Ontario.


One such vision would be to have a judicial inquiry into the wrong doings of the Ministry of Natural Resource.  An inquiry where the chair person has the mandate to call on anyone to testify and the right to lay charges if any individuals should be found guilty.


A vision where forest roads which or on public land never be restricted to the public citizens of Ontario.  To remove berms, gates, barricades, signs, or any other means  currently restricting the public from using these forest roads.  Roads that are in partially paid by and maintained with tax payer money, up to 75 million annually.


A vision where all public lakes and public land would have equal access to all users.  If for any reason a citizen of Ontario was to be restricted from lands and lakes, please ensure no other individual, Canadian or Non Canadian would have exclusive access to public lands and lakes.  We are looking to our elected  leaders to no longer allow  Ontario lakes and crown land to be treated as private game preserves.


A vision where the current failure of the adult moose tag allocation be abolished in order to move towards a tag system that will increase the size of moose herds in all Wildlife Management Units.


These are some visions shared by outdoor men and women of Ontario.  Will premier Kathleen Wynne share our visions and demonstrate that she has the leadership to create a government that works for the people as stated in your article. 


Michel Roy




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  • Zeke Marshall May 5, 2014, 1:08 pm

    I agree with what Michel is saying 100% The Ministry of Natural Resources is not accountable to anyone and they have way to far reaching powers that affects everyone weather you hunt or fish. They have shown complete incompetence especially with the handling of the moose tag system and they cater to fly in and remote tourism that is owned most of the time by a family member of the OMNR which is illegal under their own charter. They are corrupt and inept and it is up to the people of Ontario to fight this and defend this horrible institution. The people are corrupt along with the full agency. They are incompetent and hold people who hunt, fish, camp and hike in contempt.