Algoma Wilderness Riders – 2008 Pasta Supper

Bob Rollins and the Algoma Wilderness Riders had a very successful pasta supper Thursday, Nov. 28, 2008 with about 220 people served.

Tom Brason from OntORA was so impressed with the turnout and the mood of everyone that he passed on some information and photos from one of the participants to share (thanks Heather).

Bob Rollins’ Wilderness Riders group has been fighting for our legal right to access public lands for 8 years now.  This is the 6th annual supper and they are always sold out.  People get a very good meal with desert for $10, a chance at prizes, an opportunity to talk to old friends, and Bob … well, he’s busy selling and renewing memberships.

This is a good example of how successful our groups in each of the districts can be with some work and imagination.  A group of our members also cleans the garbage from a designated road and nearby campsites and posts a sign to that effect.

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