Another member unhappy with MNR…and the politics

Another unhappy member, while his letter is a little older, it is the same old story with the MNR’s total disregard for the  ordinary people of Northern Ontario.  One would wonder why MNR continues with these tactics…….


Attention:  Minister of Natural Resources


I am writing to you today as a voice for many concerned camp owners in Ruel, Felix and Westree area.  Specifically, at least 3 signs have been put up on the Hennessey Road, and at least 2 more past the CN track on the Ruel Road.  These signs cater only to the big shot who can afford to fly into Scotia, Onaping or Grave “Tourism Lakes”.


I personally have had a Land Use Permit at Ruel, since 1985 and accessed these 3 lakes by ATV or snowmachine by our own trail system.  Along comes the logging companies and destroy all of our trails and put in their road, and now MNR tells us we can only walk there.


I was involved with the Local Citizen Committee a few years ago and I would have objected to having signs such as those put up.  I had, at the time, contacted Mark Trottier and Harry Pearce with Domtar to designate the Ruel to Onaping Lake, trail as “heritage trail”.  Now, by way of Cargo Road – E.B. Eddy have cut to within a few feet of  this trail – what a shame!  This “trail” which, in the 50’s, was a road is clearly marked on any map and was used by the public to access Onaping Lake.


This brings me to Grave Lake where an outpost camp was built many years ago – only a handful of people were ever brought there – now no one’s been there for years, the place is a “rat trap” rundown and abandoned more or less.


This is a disgrace to allow this to go on, on a “tourism” lake with MNR not even bothering to monitor the situation but MNR has time to put up “No Access” sign.  If I let my camp on a Land Use Permit become so badly in disrepair MNR would certainly be at my door.


I contacted the Gogama office and spoke to Mr. Kyle Flak, Area Supervisor, and was told this was in the Forest Management Plan.  I then requested to lodge a “formal objection” into this matter.


On a different matter, again related to access, namely Meteor Lake, which we have always accessed by either our old trail network – now by mileage 19 off Meteor Road, or by the Beulah trail.  This was and has always been the “public” landing access to Meteor Lake.  This can be verified by all former Conservation Officers of the past Mark McKinnon, Ernie Herchap, Peter Kuskala, who drove down this muddy trail with their 4×4 trucks.


Now, apparently, due to an incident with a Land Use Permit holder, which is in the courts, MNR puts up “Prohibited” access signs, before (since September) this person is proven and had final day in court.  (totally unjust)


Also, MNR now wants a cart trail instead of our existing muddy 4×4 road to Meteor thus again taking away an access that has been there since mining, logging in the 40’s.


Further to this, a mining company went in a few years ago and made a back trail to our precious Carol Lake which has renowned Aurora Trout and dug up and left gaping holes right next to this lake – how can this happen?  Who’s in charge of overseeing this?  Is it MNR?


Lastly, we had bear problems this early Summer, so I called the Bear Wise Line requesting MNR bring 2 bear cages – one for my yard and one for the CN Nomad Camp (there were 5 or 6 trouble bears around) I was told they would bring one, this did not happen.  I ended up shooting a trouble bear – 2 tags in ears, who destroyed my electric fridge, freezer, gas and water cans.  Is MNR paying for damages?


MNR sent 3 bear technicians to do a site assessment and was suggested I install electric fence (I run a generator) to ward off bears and I was given 5 rubber bullets to “scare” them.  MNR even sent a C.O. (Roberto) to investigate the bear shooting.  What a waste of time and resources for a problem bear which we all know would be rectified with a Spring bear hunt.


Is this what my children and grandchildren have to look forward to?  Access denied

Bill 191, for North Act 2010 is not the answer.


Awaiting a reply,


Mr. Richard D. Hogue

394 Donovan St.  Apt. 3

Sudbury, ON

P3C 3Z5



c.c.      France Gelinas

Rick Bartolucci

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  • Gord Pedersen June 16, 2013, 12:40 pm

    These individuals should try and contact Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association not sure what the outcome would be? Although here is some interesting information FOCA is currently involved with the Algonquin Land Claims where they stated how public land can become private land if the transfer took place, that would mean central Ontario cottage owners can end up losing their cottages . WE IN NORTHERN ONTARIO ARE LIVING THIS RIGHT NOW! It is not selective outrage on my part being critical of these associations, it is just some of these association’s support the land claims issue yet turn a blind eye to ACCESS ISSUES HERE IN NORTHERN ONTARIO. DO NOT KID YOURSELVES THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN BETWEEN THE ALGONQUIN ACCESS ISSUES AND THE NORTHERN ONTARIO ACCESS ISSUES THEY ARE BOTH ABOUT ONTARIO CITIZENS BEING KEPT OUT OF ONTARIO’S CROWN LANDS.