Another unhappy MNR customer, we wonder why????


Welcome to Ontario, where you can hunt and fish on lands and waters Canadians can’t even use unless we want to pay, pay,  pay.  We even pay high taxes so you can enjoy this virtually untouched land.  This is so you can enjoy a sense of remoteness in our wilderness areas  where there are perfectly good roads only meters away from where you were flown in.

This is all done courtesy of our Government so you can pay tourist outfitters  big $$$ to have a sense of remoteness, and stop taxpayers from accessing these areas by motorized vehicles , even to get to their own camps.



March 31st, 2014

  Gord Pedersen

2412 Morgan Rd

Chelmsford, Ontario

P0M 1L0  

Honorable Minister David Orazetti,

  I write to you today this letter to voice my outmost disapproval on the injustices that plague our Northern Ontario municipalities, in regards to my, our, your crown lands.  I am an abide sportsmen that belongs to several sportsmen advocacy groups and I also am concerned with the state of affairs of my resources, your resources, our resources, as well as the conduct and abuse of power from MNR personnel as a trustee of our natural resources.

Many great leaders have paved the way for our rights to recreate, to hunt, to fish, to trap.  To name a few Theodore Roosevelt, Leupold, and these individuals have content in the world’s greatest model of wildlife conservation, The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.   And the most fundamental principle of this model is the idea of public trust, this is the foundation of this model and it is the notion that wildlife and our crown lands is owned by no one although in sense owned by everyone and is held in trust by our government, by the state as a trustee for its people.  This notion solidifies that the people of Ontario have a collective ownership of its resources and crown lands.  

 Another integral part of this model is that our access to wildlife to our crown lands would always be honoured by our trustee, our government by the state. Thanks to the CLUAH process an undemocratic engagement void of representation for the primary stakeholder (the public), this flawed process determined the allocations of Ontario’s crown lands.  Now we in Ontario have a marred model that allows civil servants to violate conflict of interest laws.  Legal provisions that have been installed to negate civil servants of abusing their position of trust that affects our access to crown lands.

Myself and other individuals that belong to a Sudbury based sportsmen group are looking into alleged abuse of power by some of our MNR personnel within the Sudbury and Espanola areas.  Honorable Minister I have to agree that if an individual has evidence of such abuse of power by MNR personnel due to the nature of your office being a public office, a public 100% transparent enquiry should be administered not an enquiry behind closed doors.  

Honorable Minister the status quo of Ontario’s crown lands violates one of the World’s greatest models of Wildlife Conservation that exists.  Honorable Minister in regards to the gross iniquities that exist within your Ministry I encourage you to proceed with due diligence and to administer the legal provisions that all civil servants must follow as trustees of Ontario’s resources.

 I am hoping for a favorable response on this matter.


Gord Pedersen  

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  • jowo60 April 3, 2014, 9:22 am

    Gord, excellent letter. More letters to David Orazietti from all over Ontario is what our group needs to fuel the cause. Thank you.

  • AVIDFISHERMAN April 5, 2014, 9:29 pm

    A well written letter indeed. Unfortunately our government has their heads in the sand when it comes to listening to the people that matter most. The citizens of ONTARIO. Keep up the fight.