Are we doomed to lose our Moose Hunting…

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What the heck is happening, is MNR pushing their agenda of keeping us out of the woods to far?

It would seem the MNR is making an attempt to be  land barons at our expense. The last time we looked , Crown Land still belonged to the people of Ontario.Hey, that’s us.

Does the Honorable Minister Orazietti ever go into the woods with his District Managers or others, perhaps a fly-in to some remote tourist sites to see what it is all about. Do you really believe the MNR employees walk 3-50 km, with their gear to access these beautiful lakes and prime hunting territory.

How many of the areas where MNR  reduced the number of tags by 80-95% like Thunder Bay or New Liskerd  affect Remote Tourist Outfitters?


On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:08 AM, Ezekiel Marshall <> wrote:

 Dear Minister and Ministry of Natural resources.

  I am requesting an official investigation into the Ministry of Natural Resources handling of Moose Populations, CO ethics and Ministry of Natural Resource ethics and conducts when it comes to land use grants, Moose collection Data and methodologies and proper predator populations control in all of Northern Ontario starting at the French or Pickerel River and encompassing all areas North of these regions. I have been going over your data for the fly over surveys and found that most of your data is inaccurate and biased to meet a specific agenda. You first of all should be making all flight recorder data and the grid patterns you follow and what days etc because we would probably find inaccurate recording methods to suit a purpose.

 Example I could do a quick grid section of 300 kms for one day which is unreasonable, and only see 2 moose because I choose to go with a huge grid section search and because last year I seen 30 because I was lucky enough to actually find a herded up group of moose using the same ineffective search pattern and then say the numbers are down.   

 I will also look at WMU 28 and 29 I see you cut the tags down to 30 tags.  We knew last season that the biologists and MNR were going to blatantly lie about the WMU fly over.  I personally had one of the MNR CO’s actually tell me that the MNR was going to reduce tags to that particular WMU 28 before you even had fly overs this year because there are to many hunters applying to these areas.

 The truth be told why you are actually doing this is because WMU 28 and 29 have larger populations of humans and cottagers and private land with easier assesability which you folks have been trying to curb in the last few years.

 They have an extremely high bear, coyote and wolf population which you refuse to deal with as well by actually reinstating the spring bear hunt and by making people by tags for wolf and coyotes for your own pockets.

The spring bear hunt cancellation has now been fully shown it was cancelled because the MNR bowed down to a few riding’s in Toronto along with the very corrupt Shad foundation and IFAW and not by actually polling the people across Ontario but a few in the Toronto area. 

I have noticed that you will be reducing tags in an area that is near any major population which you will say is because there are people there putting on pressure but what is closer to the truth is you do not want people hunting and you are trying to get people to go to remote Hunting lodges which you have been promoting through NOTO etc.

  What you do not understand is that the resources of this province belong to the people not to the MNR and a few special interest groups like outfitters which the MNR has given millions of acers of prime hunting grounds to.   As well most of these lodges you have given these large tracts of land too always has some affiliation of ownership with either family members of the MNR or retired MNR employees which as I am sure is only a coincidence. 

 Last year when some of the MNR CO’s were harassing locals right in the town of Matheson just because they were wearing orange.

 I want the MNR to finally educate your CO’s that there is no hunting in town limits and I have told the folks not to comply and not to  talk to them when being approached in town as this is a blatant violation of many Human rights violations under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

You will use the reasoning of the MNR CO was in the middle of an investigation which I can easily counter with I want to see the court orders and all related information you are collecting for your investigation and I want a lawyer present to even discuss any of these issues with you,  since I have seen you folks commit numerous violations of hunters rights in the North for many years.

  The CO’s were going up and down the street and anybody wearing orange was asked to see there hunting license.  That is profiling which is illegal and when I am not in the act of hunting such as a town it is considered harassment to even ask me for my license.  

 I also find in convenient that the MNR is not releasing the WMU license amounts until the draw even starts so people can’t even question your authority.  

 I have found to many instances over the last many years of blatant ethical questions and intimidatory illegal collection practices by the MNR as well I have seen way to much coincidences with the way your whole agency does anything.

 I would like to see formal letters written to me by all of the people I have contacted over this and not be swept under the rug.  I am disappointed with the way this has been dealt with in the past and the MNR needs to be fully and thoroughly investigated to get ride of the people making these bad policies and committing violations against the trust and people of Ontario.

I feel that all Ontarians’ should be fighting the Bogus Moose numbers brought up by the MNR and to funding should be immediately cut to the MNR in all forms until this is resolved.

 Thank you

Ezekiel Marshall;



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