2017 News letters

ONTARIO OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION Market Mall Box # 24055, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. P6C 6G7 NEWSLETTER – FEBRUARY 2017 NEW ASSOCIATION CONTINUES THE FIGHT We are the newly-formed Ontario Outdoor Recreational Association, using the acronym of OntORA, and we have taken up the fight against discriminatory Crown lands access in Ontario. A brave organization that [...]


The link below is an actual video of a black bear attacking and killing a fair-sized moose calf for food. It is estimated by Ontario Biologists that more than 25,000 new-born moose calves are killed and eaten by carnivorous black bears every spring. (Approximately 50,000 are born.) Boar bears (males) have also been know to kill and eat their [...]



Dear Mr. Trudeau, Congratulations on your election. We see that you are already making some drastic changes, as you promised during your campaign. However, as responsible citizens, and firearms owners, there are some changes we do not wish to see. Rather than fighting against you, this petition is going to try and help you understand [...]

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Changes needed in moose, bear management

VANCE: Changes needed in moose, bear management By John Vance, Special to Sudbury Star Friday, October 30, 2015 2:13:01 EDT PM Out in the field, I’m seeing way fewer moose hunters than ever before. When talking to people, I find that many hunters have stopped hunting moose, and in some cases, stopped hunting all together. [...]

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Deer Crossing

  I’ve heard of this ridiculous call before. this is priceless, a must listen Just think of it! This individual also gets to vote. . .  Scary stuff!!! click here


Moose Hunting in Northern Ontario is changing

Much is being said, many different opinions from MNRF, OFAH, News Media and concerned hunters. Read on for all the different opinions and views. If you feel strongly one way or another please submit your concern to the EBRcheck out the video interview on MCTV     Description of Regulation: Moose play an important [...]


Firearms Registration and more

Updated 2015 Canada’s National Firearms Association Media Release  HIGH RIVER REPORT MISSING KEY ELEMENTS “The long-awaited report on the actions of the RCMP at High River has finally been released, and while it is critical of police actions in kicking in doors, Canadians are still uninformed as to who gave the orders to kick in [...]


Ontario Reports on State of Caribou

Very interesting news release Hunters in WMU #21B figure that the MNRF is trying to overtag the moose population to get rid of most of them so that caribou can take hold there, but that’s just a suspicion based on the # of tags alooted to so many in that WMU. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT [...]


Is bait fish a thing of the past in Ontario

    MNR reviewing live bait policies for sport fishing, does this mean the next time we hear about this it will be on the EBR telling us we can no longer use live bate fish in Ontario. It seems every time MNR does not understand something, like how to stop invasive species, they come [...]