SPECIAL EDITION – FALL 2017 MNRF CONSERVATION OFFICERS TRESPASSING ON POSTED PRIVATE PROPERTY WITH NO REASONABLE INDICATIONS OF ANY INFRACTIONS Imagine for a moment that you own 125 beautiful acres of prime forested land in a rural, peaceful and secluded area. The perimeter of this land is prominently posted as private property, no trespassing, and [...]


THE MNRF’s $$$ LOVE AFFAIR WITH REMOTE TOURISM Back in the days, not so long ago, when ordinary Ontario resident taxpayers could freely enjoy the wonders of outdoors nature in our province, before the Ontario government and the MNR’s incredible infatuation with, and total indulgence to, the remote tourism industry, good memories still linger. Those [...]

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It’s called the Algonquin wolf but it ranges as far as Algoma. According to a report from the province’s environmental commissioner released Tuesday, these mid-size, threatened wolves extend from “from Peterborough to North Bay, and from Pembroke to Sault Ste. Marie.” Sudbury lies within that swathe, and DNA sampling done in Killarney Provincial Park in [...]


Reprinted from New Gun Laws Coming in ‘Near Future,’ Goodale’s Office Says The Canadian government will present new gun laws to increase paperwork and restrictions for lawful gun owners in the “near future” this year, beyond today’s statement about funding related to firearms and gang violence, the Ministry of Public Safety said. The Liberal [...]


VANCE: Trappers – one with nature

Today’s column is hopefully to educate and dispel any misconceptions people may have about trappers. Trapping, especially here in Ontario is done humanely, by law,and is a highly regulated profession. Trappers are wildlife technicians and understand the balance of nature, and are truly one with nature as they ply their occupation within that balance. They [...]

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Did you know…..

DID YOU KNOW DID YOU KNOW that in northern Ontario, provincial Crown Land makes up over 95% of our land base! DID YOU KNOW that, under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Public Lands Act, we ordinary citizens are entitled to have equal access to our public lands without fear of discrimination [...]


ONTARIO OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION 275 Second Line Rd. W., Box / 24055, Market Mall, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. P6C 6G7 BEST ONTARIO LAKES & FORESTS RESERVED FOR TOURISTS Are you a hunter, angler, hiker, ATVer, camper, nature lover, bird watcher or just someone who enjoys the beauty, serenity and peacefulness of Ontario’s lakes and pristine [...]


2017 News letters

ONTARIO OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION Market Mall Box # 24055, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. P6C 6G7 NEWSLETTER – FEBRUARY 2017 NEW ASSOCIATION CONTINUES THE FIGHT We are the newly-formed Ontario Outdoor Recreational Association, using the acronym of OntORA, and we have taken up the fight against discriminatory Crown lands access in Ontario. A brave organization that [...]


The link below is an actual video of a black bear attacking and killing a fair-sized moose calf for food. It is estimated by Ontario Biologists that more than 25,000 new-born moose calves are killed and eaten by carnivorous black bears every spring. (Approximately 50,000 are born.) Boar bears (males) have also been know to kill and eat their [...]