Crown Land Policies – Government Corruption

An interesting article broke this morning in the Globe and Mail about corruption in the Turks and Caicos with respect to government officials taking bribes “for their own corrupt reward” when dealing with crown land in the country.

…”A recent report by British judge Sir Robin Auld found that the Turks and Caicos government, led by former premier Michael Misick’s Progressive National Party, routinely accepted bribes from overseas developers and that Mr. Misick and his ministers exploited the government’s Crown land policies “for their own corrupt reward.”

It just goes to show you how high corruption can go in a modern, democratic country. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that these kind of things can also happen in Canada.

It’s nice to know that sometimes when the people in power get caught proper punishment follows:

“The United Kingdom, which has sovereignty over the islands as one of its 14 overseas territories, has suspended the country’s Constitution, appointed special prosecutors to pursue criminal charges and thrown Mr. Misick … out of office.”

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  • Jocelyn Beaudry January 27, 2011, 5:52 pm

    How can the government’s , Crown land officer fine an individual for crossing the unmarked boundary , and when ask to get or see a map for for those unmarked boundary I did not get a straight answer.

  • Graham PorterHill March 26, 2011, 6:40 pm

    Its the Crown of Canada’s intent, in the Crown of Ontario does not have those powers without its federal crown partner, to keep white people ignorant to the fact that they are assuming land ownership and juridiction without the expressed permission of the Real and Original Aboriginal Stewards. This is certainly the case with Six Nations Grand River Territory as described in the Superior Court of Ontario approved Haldimand Proclamation of 1783 which resembles the Grand River Watershed Map with the Grand River Conservation Authority plus six miles from the banks of Grand River Ouse from the entire Grand River Ouse from head to toe, from Dundalk to Port Maitland at Lake Erie. Not to be confused with that illegal document that gives rise to yet another insturment of land and resource theft from the Aboriginal Peoples of Six Nations Indian Reservation #40. Whalehead_2000[at]

    The land of nearly One Million Acres was Proclamated to the Peoples of Six Nations and Others (meaning other tribes and tribes that wish the protection of Six Nations) for allying with the British against France, England, and others that only wished us extinction so they could squatt on and steal our land and exploit our resources first all that above the ground and now that under the ground and these types of thefts with all sorts of insturmants of theft with two mantioned above.

    In addition to the above. There are many from the government that took it upon themselves to commit crimes against humanity which is why aboriginal peoples were not recognized as a people yet these same white people could make treaties with and fight and release germs unto if that’s not genocide then ask yourself what is. I prefer to take the definition from the United Nations of which Canada fails on on every point therefore continues to commit genocide despite what it sats to other counties. Saying it does not make it true Canadas people believe just because one of their politician says something they take it as the gospel. Yes, white people lie. It is their Manifest Destiny to Follow their man made destiny to steal as much as they can from the aborinal peoples of the world. This is the White Horsemen, the white people, a plague on mankind.

    • Webmaster March 28, 2011, 6:23 am

      Please enlighten me with a “real and original” definition of “Real and Original Aboriginal Stewards”.

  • Jim Mathiasen April 4, 2011, 5:39 pm

    I am an Ontario resident who grew up and still live in Northern Ontario with my Wife, Daughter and Son, we like to fish, hunt for birds, camp, go for a hike anywhere on crown land in this great province. Any legislation which will restrict access to the general public unless going through an outfitter, sounds like a monopoly being developed by the Outfitters and MNR.
    We all pay taxes in this country and as such have access to crown land, purchase our hunting and fishing licenses through the Ontario MNR, oh yah we also pay their salaries through taxes. Is there a petition, or class action being taken against these proceedings? What they are doing sounds criminal and unconstitutional, we are against any limitations for general public and giving any more advantages to over rated outfitters.

  • Graham PorterHill April 11, 2011, 10:28 pm

    Its always been believed that in the sharing lent itself to self awareness to take care of those you care for and house and feed from the land in its beauty and its bounty to be taken from as its needed to sustain ones needs from which you only take whats needed. Its never been until the invasion from europe that this concept fails. We were placed here by the creator but long ago the Creator spoke to us through one of our Seer’s saying that for our sacrifice and suffering we will be guranteed a place next to Him when it came time to pass onto the next step in the cycle of life. Its been our witnessing of these crimes against nature and agaonst our peoples even when genocide is against every law in every country of the world genocide is alive and well in Canada perpetuated by an entity calling itself to be the Crown in which all others obey as those hiding behind the crown are ignoring the laws they’ve created for the control of others, or so it seems. Every day we see and hear of all the corruption that takes place with nothing coming out of it of that person retiring on a piece of Crown Land with enough funds to take with them.

    More to previous message. It is, if its not painfully obvious. The people you’ve elected are the better of people they are just getting better at manipulating government pol$icy to serve their own selfish endeavours. Suire they’re sincere, at first, but once they get close to the evil one and its minoins the good prople come home with what resembles a hopelessness. Realising that the forces that be feed into all the hype just to see that their hands are tied. Tied into the party wishes, done in such ways that are signature top that party, everyone jas their part in the ultimate quest to ectract their retirement funds from the land from the resources and especially from the pseudo-enemy the aboriginal peoples why else would genocide to pne peoples is being ignored and in most cases encouraged and brainwashed into the weak minded to vote in a predesigned set of rules to expropriate funds from the thefts of land and resources from the aboriginal peoples, which is probably where the whiteman starts whining about how he’s entitled from a man_made destiny choice Manifest means conjured up by man and then, destiny, a sort of predetermined path. Manifest destiny. If you call yourself, intelligant, then you have to know that the Evil One walks amongst good people, aboriginl people, having received the promise of God, the Creator, having the only one pre-promised destiny to inherate Mother Earth. So far the colonoialists have managed to repeat ancient history placing us all at the dusk of the seveth and final fire. But we are not suppose to stop living. We are to go on as if the coloniaists are not destroying the planet. God will save us, He promised. Thank you Lord God for the offering, we, the Aboriginal peoples have already accepted your wisdom to hold fast. We believe in You. Amen.

    Six Nations Peoples have always, in time immemorial, have been associated with the trees as our reference to, top talk of the trees os to talk about the Iroquois, even to this day by Mayan Elders refer to us as Woodland Peoples, people of the Woodands. The Boreal Forests Species still exists here. There are species of trees here that only exists here. Its frightening that once our trees are gone then how many eons will it take to replace them. Not likely because earth will never repeat the weather systems of the last seven Earth Ages. Now, about the Stewardship. This duty was requested of us as a part of being a part of the natural way of the world. All living organisms have a part top play. Just as birds spread seeds, Iroquois had kept the forests floors swept. Just by our past way of life demand that we find and cultivate food for ourselves, also meant we travelled leaving behind food plants to return to on the next cycle, food would then be available for us and the animals on our reurn to our hunting grounds such was that of the north side of the St. Lawerance River. Large food animals were relatively safe to multiply to numbers to feed us and at the same time guarantee the existence of the food animal. Certain animals were purpose animals, not just for meat, we used the whole of the certain animal for certain items we could create out of them. As we could not make a war club out of a beaver as we could not use deer intestines for tethering of drums, weapons, lacrosse, protective clothing. Everything is related to the other alive and dead. Just as the scavegers may not have been a good food animal but it kept the dead carcasses from littering the forest floors and to keep diseases from spreading from animal to animal to man. And all the while the animals fertilized the plant life and the trees kept supplying the canopy for animal shelter for the animals. As well as other plant life communicated through an elaborate forest nervous systems. Forests are all connected to the living of other species of life, plants will even create sweets to attract a certain animal to fertilize. The plant.