Did you know…..

DID YOU KNOW that in northern Ontario, provincial Crown Land makes up over 95% of our land base!

DID YOU KNOW that, under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Public Lands Act, we ordinary citizens are entitled to have equal access to our public lands without fear of discrimination or intimidation or being impeded in any way.

DID YOU KNOW that for the past few decades, the Northern Ontario Tourists Outfitters (NOTO), in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF) have seriously impeded our access to over 2,000 of our best lakes and hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of pristine Crown Land – reserved by the MNR for the paying tourist guests of NOTO remote tourist lodges.

DID YOU KNOW that OntORA is an outdoors organization fighting for equal public access to OUR lands and lakes, and also fighting:
• to allow access on all forestry roads financed by our taxes,
• to allow private maintenance of existing trails and the use of trappers’ trails on non-park Crown Lands.
• to stop the MNRF from decommissioning roads after forestry operations are over
• to abolish the “buffer zones” set up for the benefit of remote lodges around all lakes.
• to abolish the posting of signs or gates designed to restrict public access to Crown Lands.
• to stop the discrimination against ordinary citizens.
• to abolish the MNRF’s regulation for private float planes to require permits to land on certain lakes.
That’s what OntORA is fighting for!

But we can’t do it without your help! If you haven’t yet joined or renewed your membership, please send in your $20.00 today – and please make it for multiple years, so we can save on stamps and reminders.
We need your support – and every Ontario outdoors person needs to join OntORA in continuing the good fight to preserve and consolidate our access rights now and for future generations.

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  • michael boudreau November 12, 2017, 10:51 am

    Incredible that we tolerate these serious injustices.!!!
    Why are we accepting these double standards for access , harvesting and fishing???..
    No wonder that peeople are breaking the law,since the supreme court has accepted favoritism for some.
    As anglers and hunters we MUST join force in abolishing these injustices,It does not pay to sit in the camp,complain.and leave it to a few to fight for all who enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Todd moggy November 17, 2017, 8:29 pm

    North of Elliot lake on top of the Boland hill there is another road the ministry banned motorized vehicles. But they let the aboriginal and metis to drive on it and hunt and fish. I don’t get it. Why?

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