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American fisherman threathen Canadian couple


1:53 pm
April 16, 2010


posts 21


I'd like to tell you about an incident that happened (2008) to a very good friend of mine, John, his wife and another couple. They were fishing on Katagi lake, south west of Timmins. The lake is accessed from Kenogaming Lumber road, then by ATV on old logging trails.

 After about an hour of fishing, three boats, with three men in each boat surrounded the two couples boats and immediately started yelling obscenities at them. They told the couple they had no _ucking business on this lake, that they had '' bought '' this lake for a week, and that it belonged to them and no one else. The couples were then told to get off the lake now or be forced off physically.

Nine men vs two couples, not exactly a fair fight. The couples did eventually leave the lake, but not before arguing and telling these ''ignorant AMERICANS'' that they were visitors in a foreign country, and had no business to tell Canadians to get off a lake which is on CROWN LAND.

I'm personally hearing more and more of these incidents with American fisherman and if the MNR, doesn't soon realize that there is a HUGE PROBLEM with'' Equal Access to Crown Land, in this province, some day one of these  incidents will prove ''DEADLY''.

Keep up the fight for ''EQUAL ACCESS TO CROWN LAND'' get involved.

7:36 pm
April 23, 2010


Sault Ste Marie

posts 62


Hi Austen, although the incident you've mentioned occurred a couple years back and probably wasn't reported to the authorities there may be some merit in contacting our politicians and media in conjuction with OntORA's complaints. Two couples make pretty credible witnesses and although there's nothing that could be done at present it would be interesting info to show the mind set and whats happening to our land/resources and what some of the hosts are feeding their clients.

OntORA would like to expand into the Timmins region and we're looking for some interested people to help out, if you and your friends are interested please contact Tom at

2:36 pm
April 25, 2010


posts 21


Hello Timber, I will be sending an email to Tom Brason with a list of names and phone numbers ( including myself ) of people who might be interested in getting involved in the Timmins District. Most of these names are people who have been personally harassed by American outfitters.

As for the couple who were threaten, they will be on the list, forwarded to Tom Brason,Tom can question them and the other people on the list who have been personally harassed by American outfitters.

2:28 pm
October 31, 2010



posts 1


I just became aware of this website.  I can't believe what is happening to the land and lakes around us.  I live in Timmins but love to fish in the Foleyet area.  Many of us need to contribute to a photo gallery to show how much of our land in Northern Ontario is being closed to us who live here.

210px Ontario 101svg Forums

9:36 am
November 1, 2010


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

posts 25


That's a good idea (photo gallery). By the way, you can upload your photos to forum posts at any time. Just click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon when you're adding or editing one of your forum posts.

We're also looking for volunteers to help as area representatives, or even just to notify us about road closures and any access issues in your area.

We can use all the members we can get – tell your fishing friends about OntORA, and you can print out membership forms right here on the website. It's only $15 per year for individuals.

I should be fishing.

10:52 pm
November 3, 2010


Sault Ste Marie

posts 62


Hey, welcome aboard Loco101, good idea about photos.

11:32 am
April 21, 2011


posts 3


You should of told them this is not Iraq you can't just come in and take over .The outfiter does not own the lake !!


2:29 pm
April 26, 2011


posts 4


So we all know that the American fishermen in this case were rude and misinformed, and could possibly be charged with harassment. Who knows what the outfitter actually told their clients. If they actually told the Americans that the lake was private and that all others would be excluded, then the outfitter misled their clients and should be reminded that there is no such thing as a private lake in Ontario. If however the outfitter said something like, "This is a very private lake, you won't be seeing anyone all week." then that could be taken a number of ways. Regardless, the Americans acted inappropriately, possibly illegally, and I'm happy that no one was hurt.

Here's my question though. Since when does some Americans behaving badly become an example of how Crown land access is being restricted? The Americans did something wrong, and their outfitter might have told them something wrong. That is entirely unrelated to the issue of Crown land access.

Darn, these math questions are getting hard too!

12:15 pm
May 15, 2011


posts 21


Americans have EVERYTHING to do with, how crown land access is being restricted.


Crown land access issues are ENTIRELY related to Americans, why; because American fisherman and hunters who use the services of remote Outfitters DEMAND that the lakes and roads they are fishing or hunting in Ontario, must be EXCLUSIVE to them and no one else, they ABSOLUTLY do not want to see LOCALS (Canadians) on the same lake or road as them at the same time.

So because '' Big Money Talks ''  the Air Base Remote Outfitters demanded that the MNR create ILLIGAL LAWS, like denying access with motorized vehicles on CROWN LAND to 1000's of lakes and 1000's of km's of roads.

So now most Outfitters advertise, they have exclusive and private lakes and roads,  which is a TOTAL LIE, because these lakes and roads are on CROWN LAND.

Maybe when more Canadians get threaten, they will stop putting up with this Illegal bullshit, and stand up for their rights and not let Americans step all over them.


Canadian Fisherman and Hunters, wake up and smell the coffee, these American Remote Outfitters and the MNR are stealing YOUR LAKES and LANDS.


                                                     STAND UP and FIGHT for your RIGHTS,      GET INVOLVED

10:22 pm
May 20, 2011


posts 4


You've probably all figured out that I'm not a hard-core motorized recreation kind of person (though I do my fair share of ATVing and snowmobiling). But where we are in 100% agreement is that all Crown land/lakes should be accessible. You say accessible by all means possible, I say some areas should be by non-motorized means only. Let's put that argument aside for a moment.

You're telling me that there are laws which prevent the people of Ontario from going to thousands of lakes, not only by ATV, truck, or motorboat, but also by walking, canoeing, biking, parachuting, etc.? If that is the case then I'm going to join this fight, because that is not acceptable. Can someone please point me to these laws and the specific sections that we're having troubles with?

And can someone point me to one of these outfitter webpages advertising "exclusive and private lakes and roads"?

Many thanks

4:35 pm
July 15, 2011


posts 2


Hi I was just informed about this organization from one of the people who were harrassed on Katagi Lake I was there with my wife and 7 year old daughter that day one of ththem said they paid 5000.00 to be there by themselves on one of the best pickeral lakes up here LOL my response was to take it up with the outfitter and if you add 2-4WD trucks trailers 2-ATV 2-Boats and motors we had spent approx 10000.00 to get there and then get threatened —- ya what a day that was I remember it real good I think this ONTORA i a great idea and would like to get involved also..  just a quick question when we buy an ONTARIO fishing lic I thought we are able to fish ONTARIO LAKES RIVERS AND STREAMS I was not aware we can only fish CERTAIN LAKES RIVERS AND STREAMS in our province.Americans do bring business to Canada however alot of those bussiness are American owned so the monies generated are spent back in the U.S. I dont think that this should get to the point of U.S vs Canada but it all comes down to this is OUR CANADIAN BACKYARD TO PLAY IN        

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