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MNR – Why does the MNR have so little respect?


1:42 pm
December 13, 2009


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

posts 25


Everyone complains about politicians and various government agencies, but I can't think of any other ministry that is so despised by so many people.

Think about it – most people complain about taxes once in awhile, or disagree with certain government initiatives every now and then. But, every single fisherman, hunter, logger, or trapper I know thinks the MNR is a complete disaster. You have to ask yourself why almost every outdoors person you know has absolutely no respect for the MNR?

I should be fishing.

11:33 pm
December 13, 2009


Sault Ste Marie

posts 62


A factor affecting public respect could be that a segment of the MNR hasn't been acting in the best interest of the public they serve, this in turn overshadows the good honest work many of their staff do in administering over our natural resources.

 How can they on one hand close public access  to thousands of km of Crown land simply to give the guests of a few businesses exclusive use of our land (to protect remote-tourism values) and still look to the public for respect on the other? Spending countless hours enforcing the boundries around these areas and threatening the public with huge fines if they trespass on their own land instead of looking for poachers and the like as they're being paid to do isn't likely to garner much respect.

These Conservation Officers who must carry out the wishes of their supervisors are also spread very thin, often without  enough funds for their vehicles fuel so we've got to respect their positions as well, maybe they're being caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. It must be a hard pill to swallow when you're confined to the office because all the money is now going to a bloated office full of people with nondescript jobs.

4:10 pm
December 14, 2009


posts 6


Aside from the gutting of the basic service branches of lands, fire, timber and parks, the people themselves have changed over the years.  In 'the good old days' L&F and now MNR was made up of people with a background in hunting/fishing and trapping.  They called the shots for their areas from District Offices and Chief Ranger headquarters.  Now, there are no Chief Ranger hq's, District Offices are skeletons of what they were 15 years ago and they're being told what to do by Regional Offices.  They in turn are being told what to do from Peterborough by ecologists/biologists and foresters who've never worked south of Barrie.  Add to the mix a government under pressure to supply fiber for the woods industry and an urban population wanting to preserve areas for their short term camping/hiking visits without consideration for the locals. 

The time when CO's simply met and talked about concerns with trappers, hunters and anglers has disappeared. Now their workload which once contained a substantial amount of management programs has been replaced by 100 percent enforcement.  People want to get away from a regimented lifestyle by kicking back and spending a day on the lake or a week in moose camp. Now they're beseiged with  everything from insurance for ATV's, helmets, hunter orange, booze, bailing buckets and whistles, size limits, trail passes, licences-both provincial and Federal.  Man O Man! The list just goes on and on. 

And when we complain or are asked for our input, it falls on deaf ears because the decisions are already made.   

11:09 pm
December 14, 2009


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

posts 25


I think that's a very good assessment, and good information.

I agree about the people – a lot of the employees are young and wouldn't know one end of a fishing pole from the other. They're "team players", they're "green", and they know everything about the environment – so they think. But, not much practical knowledge or judgement – or the desire to acquire it – in my experience.

I should be fishing.

9:50 am
December 15, 2009



posts 7


I have to agree with you guys. Our politicians haven't had the same "northern experiences" as we have grown up with.  The only experiences they know is what some tourist outfitter has provided.  Our local MNR game wardens used to have guys who were viewed as pricks but we still respected them because they were enforcing  game laws that we had to follow.  Today there is no common sense to our Game Laws.  The ministry decides that it is smarter to shoot the future generation (calfs) than adult moose.  Now the fishing limits are being reduced.  The federal government decides that the guys with rifles are commiting all the crimes forcing us to register these weapons of mass destruction when we were raised to no them as "fire arms".  Now the MNR close roads to protect the tourist outfitters.  They combine to attack us legal citizens and label us law breakers.  The real criminals get a slap on the wrist when they are caught.  

8:38 pm
May 21, 2014



posts 7


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