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10:13 pm
December 19, 2009


posts 6


Unless the Forum site becomes more user friendly in the near future, there will be little participation.  I can't find any Forums heading when I go to the home page of OntORA  but must access Forums via an email rec'd earlier. 

Clean up the Password to something shorter and easier to copy.  Waaay too many characters needed to log in and impossible to remember.

Whats with the math question needed to post a reply? In all sites that I visit or moderate, one needs only type a reply then click 'post'.

11:09 pm
December 19, 2009


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

posts 25


There is a "Forums" menu item in the main menu at the top of the website.

You can change your password any time. Just login to the Forums, go to your "Profile" (top right corner) and change your password to whatever you like.

The complicated initial password, and the math question are common place now (on good websites) to protect against all the malicious spam that is going on.

I should be fishing.

11:46 pm
December 20, 2009


posts 6


When I  Google I get a website showing a kid holding a fishing rod.  There are no options for forums shown anywhere.  I'm going to assume this is an older version of the website and the only one available to a newbie who may wish to gain info on ontORA or participate in these forums. 

When I sign in with this site and check off 'Remember Me' I still have to type in the password–so that function doesn't seem to be working.

I changed my password but  clicking on 'Profile' at the top right as you directed  didn't get me anywhere.  I had to go to one of my posts, click on my name and work from there. 

I'm on the OOD site which has been around for years, has thousands of members and hundreds which post routinely.  I'm not sure how they control Spam (which is almost non-existent on that site) but they don't use a math question. 

Hopefully this can be cleaned up or smoothed out in the near future otherwise the forum will suffer growing pains.   I'm old.  I like things easy and simple.  

8:07 am
December 21, 2009


Sault Ste Marie

posts 62


Kllynn, I'm old also and I don't just want things simple…they have to be simple.

Thanks for your input, OntORA's popularity has taken off so fast across the province that the old evolutionary factor of gradual change has had to be replaced with the necessity of getting things in place today.

The public has been taken it on the chin for quite a while with what you refer to as the old times and the old respect left in the dust when a third party entered into the equation with financial gain a motivating factor. Manitouwadge recently had a townhall mtg on the subject and the organizers were blown away when 230 concerned citizens packed the place, looking for help and direction. The MNR has attributed a lot of things wrongly to public input and without resistance from the public have taken advantage of the fact and created a wholesale selloff of public lands and resources to special interest groups. People are now united and asking for answers and accountabilty ASAP.

9:06 am
December 21, 2009


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

posts 25


It takes a while for Google to sort out their index when you put up a new site. Eventually it will sort itself out, and when the time is right I will also redirect the old site to the new site. If you already know the new website address, it is faster to just type it into the address bar than to google it.

The "Profile" to change passwords, and the remember password feature work as far as I can tell. Sometimes they are tied to your web browser and whether you have settings on or off to automatically remember passwords. Whether it's a math question, "captcha", or skill testing question will vary from site to site. Sites with nothing are inviting problems.

I agree we want this is as simple as possible, but at this point there are a lot of other high priority things that need to get done to the site as well. We don't have legions of high priced people sitting around like the MNR Smile.

I should be fishing.

3:39 pm
December 21, 2009


posts 6


Thanks for getting back so soon  Webby.  I realize there are far more priorities than repairing or fine-tuning a website.  Just wanted to bring a few 'glitches' to your attention. 

………and Timber, its good to hear that meetings are being so well attended in your neck of the woods.  It was disappointing to see the poor turnout at the Sudbury meeting last month but then I don't think the guys around here realize yet the up-front problems you folks are faced with.  They exist here piecemeal but but are insidious non the less.

At the risk of not being politically correct I will still wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Opening Trout Season. 

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