Ignored and Imprisoned



Ignored and Imprisoned – by Nicole Houde.

My parents used to bring me on excursions. I remember the canoe trips, the blue-berry picking contests between us and the taste of fresh fish that we ate on the shore.

I also remember how my

parents got in a fit when they saw

what we did with our trash. We had to respect the

environment cans, plastics and glass were always brought back home.

These moments still

influence the way I raise my children today.

We have been fortunate enough to find comfort in a more than decent home in the heart of this beautiful country we call Northern Ontario. It’s a dream place where people still wave to salute you and show how much they care when you’re in need. My children are growing up in a friendly neighbourhood and I’m sure that their memories will be just like mine if and only if I do something about it because we are losing more and more of our land to the benefits of others.

I remember three gorgeous canoe routes which are now denied from us. Access to the rivers are now forbidden or worse, changed to a reservoir.

Signs are being posted just about everywhere to keep us out of what we used to call our “backyard”.

We feel as if Ontario wants to move us out of the way so that “remote areas” can be promoted as tourist destinations.

Did we do something wrong to deserve this? I’ve tasted the adventures of nature and would like to convey the same to my children. I have chosen to live here in order to do just that.

.It wouldn’t make any sense if you took your children to an ice

-cream shop, sat them down, tell   them that they can watch others eat the ice-cream, then forbid them to have any. When you take your children to an ice

cream shop, you usually buy some for them.

If you don’t, your children will feel punished, rebelled and sad.

I actually feel like this just because I live Here!!

Access to many of our lakes are all but


signs have been posted on access roads at a distance where most people would be

discouraged to walk the distance.

Today, I live in a remote area which I have chosen.

During the Summer months, I hear the

planes fly by .. I know where they are heading … they’re going to those lakes

I used to enjoy but

can’t any longer

. Even though I pay my taxes and abide by the law, I feel so close and yet so far

away from my backyard! What did I do that was so wrong that I feel as if I am punished for  living here?

I feel ignored and imprisoned and hope that someone out there will help me find a



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