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 Q104 FM carries news on MNR
Hi everyone, Q104 carried the story on the MNR today, you can read the news here,…or below.
The battle over both access to public land and the exclusive access to public land by MNR insiders continues to fester. Tom Brason of the Sault and Mike Boudreau of Hawk Junction and the head of OntORA have long battled the closure of roads to inland lakes … and their real focus now is on the MNR conflict of interest allegations.
They do not trust an internal review of the situation and feel a violation of law – both the Public Lands Act and the Public Services Ontario Act – is grounds for a judicial inquiry at which time Boudreau will present his evidence.
Orazietti is seeking to have the matter discussed behind closed doors between Boudreau and ministry officials.
Brason sent a letter to Orazietti today demanding that a judicial inquiry be called – or he should resign.
Oraizietti has responded by re-issuing his invitation to meet … and hanging on changes to the Public Service Act of 2006 that he says spells out ways any conflicts of interest are to be handled.
He points to the Act first taking effect in 1913 … and some of these allegations of abuse date back decades … but apparently cannot be un-done, or offenders brought to justice“.

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