Kirkpatrick Lake Road – MNR Restores Access to Crown Land!

Good news. Our hard work is getting results!

Bob Rollins and the Wilderness Riders, in conjunction with many petition signatures have managed to get the MNR to improve the road closure policy into Kirkpatrick Lake (also known as Blue Lake), on crown land north of Iron Bridge Ontario.

Granted, it still does not allow highway vehicles, but at least now the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources agrees that you are allowed to ride your bicycle or 4 wheeler on the Kirkpatrick Lake road to access public land in Ontario.


Wow, has some mild dose of common sense and respect for the legal rights of Canadian citizens started to invade the kings and queens at the Ministry of Natural Resources?!

Remember,  “Wars are won 1 battle at a time”.

Good work Bob and everyone who signed the petitions that got the Ministry of Natural Resources to start listening, and respecting fundamental laws and rights of the Canadian public!

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  • Ria VanKleef December 28, 2009, 7:46 am

    Good going! It’s a start. The same could be tried for already existing road closures, with petitions, etc.