Letter to Dalton McGuinty – How DARE You Post This Sign!

Hon Dalton McGuinty,

Dear Mr. McGuinty,

Attached is a picture of a sign that is posted in Hall Township. Hall Township is just south of the old town of Ramsey in Northern Ontario. This is just one of many MNR signs dotting our local landscape.

I find it appalling that the MNR could even consider posting a sign of this nature in Northern Ontario. As a Canadian Citizen and a resident of Northern Ontario it is part of our culture to stand on a frozen lake and freeze our butts off. Ice fishing is as Canadian as Hockey and Tim Horton’s. The MNR should not be restricting access to any crown land or lakes, instead they should be encouraging all residents of Ontario to get out and make use of our vast natural resources. Does the Ontario Government not realize how much money we spend on outdoor recreation? The following is a list of the equipment we would need to go ice fishing along with some prices.

  • Snowmobile  $10,999.99 + Tax
  • Snowmobile sleigh $500.00 + TaxOntORA_RoadClosed_HallTownship-Ramsey-Ontario
  • Snowmobile suit $300.00 + Tax
  • Snowmobile helmet $250.00 + Tax
  • Snowmobile boots $250.00 + tax
  • Snowmobile mitts $100.00 + Tax
  • Power auger $500.00 + Tax
  • Ice fishing lines and tackle $200.00 + Tax
  • Fuel for the day (Truck & Equipment) $200.00 Tax included
  • Bait $15.00 + Tax
  • Outdoor Card $9.68 + Tax
  • Fishing License $27.76 + Tax

Since I live in Gogama Ontario all supplies with the exception of bait and fuel would be purchased in Timmins On.

How could you and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources even consider restricting access to crown land and lakes knowing how it will not only affect our heritage but the local economy as well?

Shame on you Mr. McGuinty and shame on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.


Bill Dillabough
PO. Box 37
Gogama On.
P0M 1W0

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