Live to fish, Fish to live , are you ready?

Walleye season does not open for a while yet. Talk about being ready ahead of time…..





Fishing 2012

Have any of you ever tried this? It reminds me of something my friend and myself did one spring in Sioux Lookout back in the early 70’s. Ice was thin so we walked the boat to the edge of open water with each of us with one foot in the boat and one on the ice.  And we caught lots of fish.

Tell us if you had a similar experience…….


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  • Joe Schmidt April 15, 2014, 9:04 am

    Wow. Actually my son and I did this about 6 years ago on Ranger lake on the 12th of January. The lake had frozen over but the January thaw was on and we only had about 2″ of ice. The Middle of the lake had opened up. We pushed the boat out about 500 feet from shore. We fished for an hour and caught nothing. (not every fisherman lies).
    As I remember we forgot to wear our life jackets and I forgot my flashlite. The Ministry game wardens would probably had charged us if we were caught. LOL. Later that afternoon some buddies of mine were in the open part of the lake trolling. I did see the one lake trout they caught. Below the slot size. I miss global warming….