MEMBERS speak out……


OntORA continues to get letters, phone calls and complaints from both members and non-members about the abuse of power by MNR.  Read on…….


Gerard Plante

1643 rue Carol Val Caron On. P3N  IHI

March 26, 2013


Mr. Robert Rollins

Treasurer– OntORA

P.O. Box 24055 Market  Square Mall,

Sault Ste Marie, On. P6C 6C7

Dear Robert

Thank  you for the excellent job Ont ORA and its directors/ members have been doing to represent the interests of peopllike me, who have been in the past, accessing our woodlands freely.I am  a trapper, hunter, fisherman, outdoors-man, canoeist, adventurer, born and raised in northern Ontario. I’m also fortunate enough  to have a land use permit that I use for recreational and trap-line purposes. Now my land use permit camp is inside a conservation reserve  CR 53 ( can’t even use my snowmobile to get water on the lake in front of my camp ).I have to cross a canoe waterway park, an enhanced management zone and am restricted by the regulations inside the conservation reserve. Within my trap­ line twp there is also a wilderness environment park.  All this in Ellis twp, district of Sudbury.

My friends d I cannot hunt, fish, get around  by truck  ATV/UTV  or snowmobile as we use to in thepast. We’ve lost access to hunting  and fishing  areas that we’ve been accessing freely in the past.

As far as I’m concerned all these parks and restricted zones are totally  unnecessary and making  it impossible for northerners like me to use our back yard like we use to. I’ve been encouraging those people I meet that no longer can access these areas to join Ont ORA but I no longer have brochures. Could you please send me a few so I can try to recruit more members.

Enclosed  you will find my membership for the next two years and a small contribution to the Legal Defence Fund.

Thanks  again


Gerard Plante

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