What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is MINE

Article courtesy of an outdoors person from the Chapleau area that wishes to remain anonymous.

In the Chapleau area there is a local tourist outfitter that is a bully. He operates out of Ivanhoe Lake and operates a fly-in operation. He allows his client to fish on Ivanhoe because it’s open to the public and they can drive up to the lodge. So his clients can fish were I am, but I can’t fish where they are.OntORA_AirIvanhoe_FlyInFishing

What is fair? He fly’s his plane in the morning to have 3-5 people get to their destination while he wakes 50-100 people when he doesn’t respect the local cottagers when he fly’s out before 8.00 am.

Many times he has refered to these lakes as his lakes. Recently a member of his family has become a lawyer. They will tie up this process and dig deep in the public coffers to supplment their needs and profits. As silent as the MNR have been in dealing with this issue to the public I do my part by not supporting his business. I don’t eat there, buy minnows or anything. I will make a difference.

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  • Joe Gerner August 13, 2011, 7:17 pm

    we need more like you hope to see every one in folyette at 10.am saturday aug.20