Money Talks – Government Caters to Remote Tourist Outfitters

I lived in Northern Ontario for years and can tell you without hesitation that there is more than enough remote lakes for everybody. The problem is that the outfitters have cozied up to the MNR and the general public has not.

Its time the public banded together and supported the movement to stop these outfitters.


Fly Fishing on Public Land

Where do you think they will be when they fish out the lakes? You will still be here and the American tourists will simply find better fishing elsewhere. With the outfitter it’s all about making money. Ask them how many jobs they create and what do those jobs pay, ask them if anyone working for them could get a mortage on a house or a bank loan to buy a new car. The truth is the jobs they create are low paying seasonal.

Let the Ontario Goverment look after the needs of these isolated towns citizens before pandering to a bunch of foreign tourists and outfitters.

Article courtesy of RC Werden

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  • richard fortin April 11, 2011, 10:43 pm

    i think we should organise days where as many people show up and go fishing on those lands we pay for and they call their own and maybe have a blueberry picking day or a hunting day or a hicking day we cant let this go on ,,.

    • Mario Morin May 9, 2011, 11:33 am

      i agree with you Richard..something drastic has to happen if not we’ll be paying a fee to outfitters to use certain areas of our land.
      im so pissed off at this whole situation of barring us from roaming freely in our forests..
      Its our kids that will become outlaws for fishing and hunting..
      what should we do about this..
      i’m putting an add in our local paper about this issue and see what type of high profile we can raise and really get pissed and hopefully do something that’l get results,,