Moose Management Review Meetings (2009)

Here’s the list of dates and locations for the Moose Management Review Meetings throughout Ontario.  Some of the dates have already passed, but there are still a lot of meetings you could get to in different cities across Northern and Southern Ontario.

Rumor has it that the MNR is planning HUGE changes to the moose hunting regulations in Ontario – including the possibility of a calf draw only season.

This could mean that if you don’t even draw successfully for a CALF tag, then you may not be able to hunt at all!  Unless of course you’re a “native”, or a special interest tourist group.

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  • Tony Godin February 19, 2011, 11:03 am

    To all of you hunters out there from the (North)! I am from the Timmins region. I live here ,own properties here and pay big taxes so I can enjoy some of the nice benefits that we still have. This is for those Northerners that belong to the OFAH and think that they area voice out there for you ,think again . I am in the process of digging out an interview between the president of the OFAH and a commentator from the CBC at which time the president of the OFAH admitted that the south was favored by 62% in our famous moose draw system .He also said that the (GUYS) from the north could hunt anytime they wanted. So all of you Northerners that have a subcription to the OFAH and think that these guys are supporting you , think again because the are supporting the south only.Last moose hunting season (2010) I did a survey of my own and out of the 38 southern hunters ,15 had adult tags,while out of 45 northern hunters 4 of them had adult tags..out of these 45 northern hunters 3 where in area 30 and a fellow hunter from Schumacher had a cow tag All the other tags were from the south. This is a survey with the people that I met while hunting in area 30 and 31 .This is a good system according the the MNR Minister and according to the ministry people in Chapleau ,there are no more moose in 31. And you give money to the OFAH that is 100% behind this system?? well boys I think it is about time that( we northerners) have our own voice in Toronto.Think carefully before you vote at the next election because what we have now is not helping us one bit. In our hunting party in area 31 ( 10 hunters without an adult tag) , we were told by a big group of Southern hunters staying in one of Ivanhoe lake outfitters, to get the F##K out of their area .I was told by one of those hunters that this was their area as it was told by the outfitter where they were all staying. They were 8 guys with 3 adult tags. This is a disgrace to the North but who cares right?And it looks like there is no hope for a better draw this year. Let fight for our right that we have in the north. We live here this is our area. Yes I am fed up of being treated like dirt in my own back yard.