North Bay Nugget – Ontario’s Natural Resources Belong to Us

A good letter to the editor appeared in the North Bay Nugget recently, written by Wayne Adair, former Mayor or Temagami.

He agrees with John R. Hunt’s column condemning Ontario’s Bill 191 that effectively shuts down half of the Far North of Ontario to development. Once again environmentalists in Southern Ontario creating policies with no regard for the people living in the north.

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  • timber October 21, 2010, 7:16 am

    Our government, more precisely the Ministry of Natural Resources has set up committees of special interest groups from environmentalists to private business to oversee the public’s resources, sadly the public is unrepresented.
    Ontarians right across the province must be educated and learn what’s taking place before it’s too late.
    OntORA had a booth at the Toronto Sportsmans Show and it was evident that no one at all was pleased when it was explained whats happening to our lands and resources, it’s critical that we from Northen Ontario stand up, make some noise, do some educating and rally support.