OntORA Values and Views on Public Access

Some of our current members as well as most new members often request a clearer idea of the values and views OntORA has on public access to Crown Lands. While it is on other locations in our web site I felt it would be good to post it front and center for now.

Eliminate and remove all signs and gates restricting equal public access to the general public.

Eliminate all buffer zones.

Eliminate the decommissioning of roads built on public lands after logging operations are completed, as currently obligated under the Forestry Act, including the 378 parks under Lands for Life but excluding Provincial Parks.

Allow the maintenance of existing trails and the use of trappers’ trails by the general public on all Crown lands, including the 378 Parks under Lands for Life, but excluding Provincial Parks.

Remove the prohibitions against the cutting of new trails for Off-Road vehicles, including the 378 Parks created under the Land for Life project, but excluding Provincial Parks.

Remove all prohibitions against boat caches, except for Provincial parks.

Eliminate the requirements for landing permits for float or ski equipped, privately-owned planes on any and all Ontario water bodies, including Provincial parks.

Delete any mention of “traditional” access, as the term is confusing and has different definitions to different groups.


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  • Gord Pedersen November 29, 2012, 2:34 pm

    Good job Ontora placing on display the OFAH access denied sign, along with your showing empathy letter for the OFAH. Your organisations flip floping on the OFAH’s position related to access issues is disturbing. It has gone from feeling scathing critisism for this charade of a federation to showing empathy for their torn position choosing between Northern Ontario’s sportsmen and their bias relationship with our MNR and Noto. Maybe you should decipher through pros and cons what exactly does the OFAH do for you. PlEASE MAKE A DECISION ON THIS MATTER. IS THE OFAH FRIEND OR FOE?

    • Paul December 3, 2012, 12:40 pm

      OntORA position on access has not changed and indeed we would have liked OFAH to join us in the battle for equal access for all, but they do not seem to be doing as much as we had hoped for. As a result , we are looking for dedicated people like yourself who are willing to fight the battle with us.