OntORA Volunteer Positions



Unbelievable , over the past recient months we have been so very busy with;

requests asking for help related to MNR  access  charges;

dealing with growing membership, meetings with political parties; meetings with Human Rights Commission,and following up on legal issues;

corresponding with various News agencies,;

attempting to make clubs and groups, understand they cannot continue  to allow MNR  to remove bridges,culverts and create burms;

and on, and on,  and  for this reason we are looking for additional volunteers  to fill these newly created positions as well as vacated positions in various districts and areas.

Join the cause to keep our Crown Lands and Lakes accessable for all taxpayers and not just a select few.

OntORA needs help from dedicated individuals for the following positions.

OntORA_VolunteersNeededEach “Manager” (for lack of a better word) is not expected to do all of the work themselves. The key will be for each “Manager” to organize other members to help them and spread the work out. It is suggested that each Manager find at least one person from each district to help them if possible. Managers will be responsible for implementing the strategy set out by the Executive, contacting their district helpers on a regular basis for follow-up and support, and reporting results back to the Executive each month.

Please click on the link to volunteer for any of these positions! If you have questions feel free to email or call one of OntORA’s Executive.

1.    Memberships Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Generate new memberships (individual and corporate) across Ontario, manage membership lists, update progress to the executive on a regular basis. This person should also responsible for initiating and managing relationships with other groups (e.g. OFAH, ATV Association, Fur Managers Association, etc.).

2.    Donations Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Actively pursue donations from members, the public, and corporate donors. Keeps track of all donations, and reports regularly to the executive. Contacts a certain number of companies across Ontario every month, explaining OntORA’s mission and seeking their monetary support.

3.    Volunteers Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Responsible for following up with anyone who requests to help as a volunteer. Makes sure they are contacted quickly, provides them with the necessary information, and with direction from the Executive assigns them to help in a specific area. Provides follow-up and support to them as needed.

4.    News Articles Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Gathers, edits, and posts articles on the website on a regular basis.

5.    Promotional Materials Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Contacts stores and businesses to display OntORA pamphlets (and hats, stickers, etc.) and keeps a list of companies displaying the pamphlets, calls each location to make sure they aren’t out of stock, etc., lets the Executive know when more materials are needed ahead of time. Also reports monthly sales of hats, etc. to the Executive, as well as ideas for new items.

6.    Meetings and Presentations Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Organizes the “sales” meetings for new and existing members in each city, including hall rental, etc., and provides backup material for the meeting presenter in that district. Initially this person will also attend and speak at several meetings until the presentation and meeting requirements are refined.

7.    Mass Emails / Newsletters / Press Releases Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Sends out mass emails to membership as necessary, responsible for organizing and editing (and writing some of) the monthly newsletters, issuing press releases for the news outlets. This should probably be the OntORA representative who speaks with the press as well.

8.    Maps & Road Closures Manager (to volunteer for this position click here):

Actively gathers information from members, records, and manages an up-to-date list of all known road closures, including photos, videos, history and related information for each closure. Also, keeps a list of all road closure maps for OntORA.

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