OntORA Will NOT Participate in MNR CLUAH Project

The OntORA Board of Directors has decided NOT to participate in the Ministry of Natural Resources’ CLUAH steering committee for the Wawa area, and has politely declined the Minister’s recent invitation.

MNR_CLUAH_LogoOntORA President, Tym Barker, says

“I personally felt that Minister Jeffrey was sincere in her invitation to participate in a ‘new process, with everything on the table’. However many of our members have extreme distrust with the MNR and their public consultation processes.

Over the years a number of our members have actively participated in previous CLUAH committees. They report that these committees and processes were a waste of time in the best of cases, and potentially fraudulent facades in the worst cases.

As a result, our directors decided not to participate in the process at this time.”

OntORA is a grassroots organization fighting to restore equal public access to Crown Lands and Lakes in Ontario.

OntORA continues to work on a variety of initiatives to force our government officials and public servants to follow the laws, and respect the fundamental principles that built this country.

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  • daniel levesque April 10, 2011, 1:30 am

    some peoples forgot for what this country fought in world war two ,some of my family and other canadians gave their lives for freedom . every canadians should remember that.as a canadians citizen I have the right to access any parts or resourses of my country without having to fight for it.