In the late 1990’s the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources embarked on the “Lands for Life” planning process. The intent and spirit of this process (as far as we can tell) was to define land use strategies that would support the continued use of Ontario Crown Land by ALL stakeholders – resource companies, the tourism industry, and outdoor recreational activities for the general public.

Instead, the result was quite different. Resource companies and natives gained unprecedented access to policy making decisions, and preferential access to public land was given to privately owned (and in many cases foreign owned) tourist establishments. The average Ontario fisherman, hunter, and family out for a hike or camping expedition have been relegated to second class status on their own public lands and lakes.

OntORA (Ontario Outdoors Recreational Association) is dedicated to maintaining equal access to Crown land for ALL people in Ontario. The misguided policies and regulations that were drafted as a result of the Lands for Life process MUST be amended, and/or legal action taken to confirm our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Help support our fight to restore equal access to Crown land so that future generations can continue to enjoy Ontario fishing, hunting, and camping on our public lands and lakes.