Open letter on Moose tag reductions…..

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Public outcry will be the least of MNR’s problems, should they not soon become more sensitive to what the people of Ontario want.

MNR must also be aware , their handling of  issues like the reduction of tags, in the large numbers we are seeing this year , only shows how bad their mis-management has been in the past, should their assumptions be correct



Subject: Moose Survey 2014
To:, “Reid, David M. (MNR)” <>,,, “OFAHCommunications .” <>, “McNaughton-co, Monte” <>, “bob.baileyco” <>

Dear Ministry of Natural Resource and Ombudsman of Ontario,


Due to the mishandling to the Natural resources committed by the MNR it is time for a full investigation into your tactics and practices of the MNR in general.

 This years moose survey results reflects the malfeasance committed by the MNR at all levels and the lack of understanding you folks have shown to the handling of our resources.  You refuse to deal the predator issue and to even build this into your test cases and you have reduced the availability of tags using bogus and false information.

 All areas have been severely reduced without proper input from Hunters and the people of the North.

 The MNR  is running an agency without proper oversight and it is disgusting and arrogant.

  You waited to send out the information to the last minute and held it up until the draw was coming up so we could not put in our opinions and the Government of Ontario and the people should be ashamed by way you mishandle things.

 I am demanding a full investigation into this and it must be made to the public.

 Thank you

 Ezekiel Marshall 

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  • Joe Gerner May 9, 2014, 11:39 am

    A few years ago my wife was lucky and got a bull tag for unit 38 there had been a cut over on our trapline the year before this is where we were going to hunt. Just before we entered the cut we see this sign. NO moose hunting for the first 2 weeks of opening season due to tourism.I will not say what happened next what ever you would have done I might have done the same. After waiting years for a tag this is just another kick in the——– by M.N.R