Crown Land Policies

The MNR’s Policies for administering Crown Land are grouped into nine (9) main sections. Each section contains a number of different policies and procedures.

Each policy is identified by a unique number (e.g. PL 2.05.01), while a procedure may be identified by the same number as the related policy (e.g. PL 2.05.01), or it may have a unique number (e.g. PM 11.07):

Note that the Crown Land Roads Manual (PL 10.00.00 – 10.03.01) is not yet included in this set of policies. We believe that the Crown Land Roads Manual has not been fully approved as of late 2009.

It will be interesting to see how all of these policies coincide with the intent and wording of the Public Lands Act itself. Remember, the Act and Regulations are the law. The policies are the MNR’s interpretation of how their staff should administer the law.