Right to use Public Land


by Zeke


As I have looked at some of the issues surrounding the people of Ontario and Canada I have went through a lot of soul searching and this has brought me to thinking of years past and the creation of this once great country.

This country was not founded by governments but by people. Eventually the government came in and tried to regulate and control the people but they found this avenue of approach to governance of forcing the governments will did not work very well as the people of this country wanted to be free to practice their religion, find meaningful employment and enjoy this country in which god intended un-impeded by the shackles of government and bureaucratic over rule and to have true freedom to be the stewards of this land and inhabit and enjoy it as they choose.

This has brought me to thinking of my own Grandparents who sacrificed their freedom and lives to bring us the people a better way of life.  My Grandfather went and fought in the Second World War to protect the freedom of not just the people of Europe but of the world and this country.  If he were alive today what would he think.  Would he be happy that our Government is regulating this land and making it inaccessible to the people of Ontario and Canada.  My Grandfather seen the use of this land as a God given right not some privilege like the bureaucrats would try and have us belive.  He loved the outdoors and he enjoyed them most of his life.  He worked in the logging camps he even helped to build the Rideau Canal and he did this because he believed that every person regardless of creed, race, sex, religion or political affiliation had a right to be free and had a right to use this land without bureaucratic oversight.

Who would think a mere 69 Years later that we would be back to having to protect these rights against bureaucracy and tyranny.

These rights that I speak of is the right to use public land as the people of Ontario and Canada see fit.  Not Politicians, Not Bureaucrats, Not Corporations and Not Special Interest Groups but the people.  These rights were guaranteed to us by the British North America Act and by God and are considered inalienable they are not things to be used for political gain or for control of the masses.

Over the past 20 years these rights have been perverted and manipulated by small groups of Politicians,   Bureaucrats,  Special Interest Groups and Businesses.  The people of Ontario and Canada, the true stewards of the land have not been consulted and have been purposely left out of proceedings when it comes to land use,  designation, laws and rules created by bureaucrats.

No court or even the people that work for these bureaucrats will stand up for the people of Ontario and say what is being done is not in the public interest.  My Grandfather fought against men like this.  Even though these men knew what they were doing was wrong they still as they said followed orders and didn’t question what was being done.   Any person who does this is an enemy to freedom and to the people of Canada and Ontario and they should not be able to any longer serve us as this is what they are supposed to do is serve us not us serve them.

They have made people who like to camp, hike, kayak, canoe, ATV, snowmobile, hunt and fish look like they are the enemy and to be hated by the public.  We are demonized shown as trouble makers and that we are not trying to persevere nature or the remoteness of this province. We are told this because theses bureaucrats and agents against the people do not want the public to see that they have sold off our birth right for personal and political gains of a few people.  There is no one Government, Agency, Political party or Court at fault.  They are all at fault and are all to blame either through maleficence, ineptitude or personal beliefs or benefits that do not follow the best interest of the people of Canada or Ontario.

It is time to make a stand against the agents and bureaucrats and tell them we will no longer be told that we cannot access our land in the manners that we choose.  It is time for us to stand up and tell the special interest groups the Government and these agencies that we the people of Ontario will no longer be told that we cannot access our land.  That these special relationships that the MNR and the Government have with these Business that do not own one piece of land cannot tell us what we are doing with our resources and the land and that the public are not welcome on the very same land that the people of this once great nation own. We need to stand up and say we have a voice not people who are trying to profit off of our God Given Public land, not people who are trying to take it away and think they should have a say in the way we deal with our public lands and defiantly not the Bureaucrats or Ministries that are supporting them.

It is time to stand with people who want to make this truly a better place.  People who want their Children to enjoy the full potential of the land.  These people want full public access for all people not just the rich and the special interest groups but everyone.  We do not care what your age, sex, race, social economic status or political affiliation are. As long as you want the freedom to use the Public Land that is our right to use and to stop these agents and bureaucrats from taking it from you.

I truly encourage all people who enjoy this public land to fight back and join groups like OntORA and tell the government enough is enough and remind them who they work for, the people not big business or special interest groups but the people of Ontario.

My Grandfather if he were still alive would be ashamed at how we squandered the gift that he left to us and all the sacrifices he made to insure or freedoms and rights.  It is time to do the right thing and bring this country back to the greatness that we all once shared and not make this country and it’s wonderful resources the plaything of the rich and privileged. 

It is all of our land and it is time we defended it!


Zeke Marshall


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  • Gord Pedersen June 28, 2014, 3:11 am

    Great letter Zeke,
    Zeke you are a great representative of Ontora . As a member of Ontora I appreciate your letter and your representing Ontora in your district. Keep up the great work.

  • michael boudreau June 28, 2014, 2:21 pm

    This is one great letter!!! Thanks ,Zeke Marshall.

  • emily courtney July 8, 2014, 1:51 pm

    I am so willing & ready to join this fight. I dont know what to think about this whole situation, we just put our trailor on a spot about a week ago that my spouse use to go camping as a child with his family. Today 8july2014 we get a call from the MNR saying we have to move it…. I am so appalled by this…Cant believe this is actually happening in Canada….And on another note we parked at the same spot last summer for the month of August & never had a problem…PLEASE SEND ME ANY INFO THAT YOU CAN SO I CAN GET STARTED IN THIS FIGHT WITH YOU GUYS….. THANKYOU

    • Bawb September 25, 2014, 9:22 am

      I hope you aren’t one of those people that “claim” a camping spot on publicly funded Crown Land that leaves their camper in a spot for a month or more (even though they are only using it on the weekends). So, when someone else comes to camp there, they can’t use the spot because you have left your trailer there, even though you are not there at the time.
      Ramsey Lake is horrible for this. People leaving there campers for a month or some for the whole summer in camping spots. No one else can use the spot even if you are not there. These aren’t personal spots you can claim if you aren’t going to be camping there the whole time. Take your trailer home with you. This is PUBLIC LAND for all to enjoy. I fully support the MNR when it comes to moving these campers that are left unattended.

      • Tym September 26, 2014, 7:56 am

        On this issue I agree with you Bawb.

        On the other hand, maybe the MNR should start looking at the bigger picture, thinking outside the box, and truly MANAGING the resources. And I don’t mean a bunch of biologists dreaming up stupid plans to save the wood turtle or bring back the caribou for the Minister to look at when he/she flies over the forest once a year.

        I mean fire 5,000 bureaucrats sitting in cozy offices, hire more CO’s and maintenance people, and spend their time out in the field building and maintaining infrastructure (i.e. boat ramps, camping spots, garbage depots, etc.). Some “people skills” and “de-paramilitary” training wouldn’t hurt either.

        What if the MNR started looking at our natural resources and wilderness as an opportunity to maximize the public’s enjoyment and use – instead of taking the approach that no one should go anywhere, the land should remain pristine and untouched like it was 500 years ago.

        Spend our money clearing a little land for 10 campers at each lake – and I mean lots of lakes, even remote lakes that are currently unaccessible. Actually encourage people to use the sites. Encourage people to travel to the “remote” areas of the province (by road) and make use of the natural resources.

        Sure there would be some details to work out, but you would get past this whole idea that “no one should be trampling the leaves in the bush anymore”, and actually provide enhanced opportunities so you wouldn’t run into the situation where there’s no where to camp once you get to the lake.

        Oh, and while I’m at it, maybe they could change the law to allow (maybe even encourage) the campers to pick up the dead wood for fires, instead of making it technically a crime to burn a dead stick laying on the ground for crying out loud.

  • Zeke October 5, 2014, 8:43 pm

    I like the way you think Tym.

  • Rod October 30, 2014, 4:12 pm

    Zeke are you even from Northern Ontario?

  • Zeke November 2, 2014, 8:32 am

    Hey Rod

    I have spent a good portion of my life in Northern Ontario but I live in Southern Ontario at this time.