SUDBURY Area — MNR Road Closures

Members of Ontora Sudbury area:

Ontora Sudbury is asking all members to report any road closures in our area.  The more information the better!  If you have the name of the road that is great.  In addition and if possible please report the GPS coordinates, pictures of signs, burms, culvert /bridge removals or any other types of restrictions.

As well if you know the names of any lakes these restrictions have affected.

Please respond to this post or  e-mail with any information.

Darren Michaud

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  • Joe Gerner May 8, 2014, 8:03 pm

    Our Sudbury chapter of Ontora are doing a great job,they deserve all the support they can get .Saturday May 10,14 is a special fund raising breakfast everyone is welcome.The near future will have a large Ontora sign on hwy.144.Hats are sold faster than can be made.These guys are relentless in there pursuit of equal access for all . Hats off to the Sudbury group