The Pen and Quill, 2014 More Access Issues

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Saturday, March 15, 2014 2:00 PM
Subject: Bush Roads & Lottery Tags

To the Minister or to whom it may concern

My name is Charly Murray and I live in Sault Ste. Marie. I have been very concerned on the situation with our access roads throughout crown land that I have used for over 47 years.

To be denied entry by the ministry to access some of the lakes and camps that I have been to almost all my life, I find very disturbing to say the least. I find the argument that it is to protect the outfitters on these fly-inn lodges and such to be a very weak argument as I imagine the monies collected from our licensing, camp taxes etc. etc. would be a more lucrative income for the gov’t.

I do understand the need for tourism but with the renewal on a limited basis of the spring bear hunt, is a step in the right direction. That initial policy basically killed off most of the outfitters in our Northern Ontario region as it cut in half their proposed incomes I’m sure.
I find the solution brought forth by other concerned northern citizens and camp owners, that if the ministry does not want or have the monies to maintain or repair our access roads, why are we not allowed to maintain them ourselves with no need for the ministry to have liability by just posting signs that warn of this by the “USE AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

I am talking about the roads that have been utilized all my life, not new ones to be built. I may not be aware of the legalities in this instance of signs but I have witnessed these signs on many an occasion when travelling these roads in the past.
The friends and people that I hunt and fish with do not go with the thought of raping our resources of game & fish but to enjoy our outdoors as we always have in our lifetimes. Why should we be denied our rights by basically locking us out of of our own lands?

This land does not belong to just me or the ministry or the outfitters or the tourists or the loggers, it belongs to all of us and to deny one of the above or anyone is wrong.

I do hope that in the coming weeks that a satisfactory answer can be put forth by the ministry as to the reasoning behind such policies. We do not need form letter answers, we need some face to face discussions held with the concerned public on these issues in a controlled meeting that would welcome suggestions and ideas from all sides.

A meeting such as this would help to appease the numerous questions and false information that seems to follow this topic at all times. It would go a long way if the ministry would hold these info meetings in the north to help appease the perception most have of the ministry at this time.
On a personal topic, I have hunted my entire life for all sorts of game. I have applied faithfully to the lottery for moose and deer and have been successful with deer tags but as far as moose tags, I have not been drawn in the lottery for over 25 years.

Does that sound a bit ridiculous to you also. I have applied in Sections 36 & 35 to no avail. I have never had any charges against me either with the ministry or otherwise, so I don’t consider myself a risk and either do the game as I’m not getting any younger.

I would enjoy to have at least 1 moose tag before I’m finished hunting and whether or not I’m successful does not really matter as long as I have access to my favorite areas and be able to enjoy the freedom that we all deserve so much here in Canada.

Sincerely Yours
Charly Murray
Sault Ste. Marie

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  • Charly Murray March 22, 2014, 2:42 pm

    A week has passed with-out a response from either the Minister’s office or from the MNR that this e-mail was sent to. Perhaps I’m too impatient.

  • Gord Pedersen March 28, 2014, 5:37 am

    Charles as I am a proponent for free access for all for every law bidding, respectful sportsmen I feel your frustration, to note to all, our governement is supposed to be a trustee for us the people holding in trust our Natural Ressources . It is obvious that our trust has been compromised. Our government has become a NOT SO TRUSTING COMPLICIT WHO COLLECTIVELY CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE PEOPLE OF ONTARIO. And for those actions a public inquiry must be demanded by us the people of Ontario the primary stakeholder of Ontario’s Natural resources.