Timmins Rally 01 June 2013


Please plan to attent and parcipitate in this important event…….

Plans are to leave the Canadian Tire store at 1pm, on

Sat ,June 1st ,then travel up Algonguin Blvd to the MacIntyre

arena and back with a police escort.

Mike Boudreau, president of OntORA, will address the group.

Gogama Joe ,vice-president of OntORA 705-894-2340 is the

organizer and

Roger Piche , Director for the Timmins area, 705-264-0013

is also organizing from the Timmins area.

Bring your trucks,boats and atv’s , your familyand friends.

This rally is to recruit new members and make you aware that the

MNR has not stopped closing forestry roads,removing culverts and

bridges ,all under the pretense that they are liable .

The Public Lands Act, article 50, stipulates that the MNR is not

responsible for misfeasance, ,non-feasance or negligence in the

construction,maintenance or repair of a road.

Hope to see you and your friends to support OntORA( ontario

outdoor recreational alliance).

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