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There are only 3 outfitters operating in all the Magpie forest north of Dubreuilville and the Negagami forest South of Hornepayne. 

The MNR sign below that says “notice” is North east of White River and protects the lakes operated by White River Air. Exception is Granite Hill (American owned) and Obakamiga. When we say protects, it means protects Crown Land and waters from the taxpayers of Ontario. But the MNR will tell everyone you are allowed to walk in.








 Who is this Politician, the Hon Minister of Natural Resources, speaking to, when he says … “Putting You first 

Ontarians can drive to hundreds of publicly owned lakes but they’d better enjoy the beauty from afar >>>> appear on the shore where affluent clients of outfitters may see you and have their ‘perceptions of wilderness compromised and you can expect a visit from the local MNR and be charged for trespassing on a “road” on Crown land >>> Your road, your land!

“Ontario, Yours to Discover”… a bit pretentious perhaps!

  All simply to create an artificial remoteness  so that an outfitter can charge two to three times more than  his drive-to competitor  for that uniqueness.

Roughly 50% of the outfitters and 85%  of their clients benefiting from these private game preserves are not  Ontarians.

 Citizens of Ontario are paying the wages of MNR personnel to act as wardens over these regions and charge Ontarians for  trespassing on their own land.

The MNR map below has donuts around the lakes some of them 35 km long, these are called buffer zones to keep the public out even though it’s all our land.

These are the largest lakes in the whole area.  Little lakes and ponds are left for the public.  The largest is Kabinakagami or Kaby operating 2 lodges on the 45 mile lake( Pine Portage and Watsons with a golf course.) just south of Hornepayne. Obatanga and Granite Hill are very big lakes, Also Nameigos, McGowan, Mosambik, Dayohessareh, Esnagi and Anahareo lakes are all huge and removed from the public.

If you want to understand the true sinful access loss to the public, you will have to purchase a , Provincial Series map.. The one named “Kabinakagami “ ,scale is 1inch equals 2 miles and shows better than a topographical map. or
Use the link below to see maps of this area;
 Link: <https://maps.google.ca/maps?vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8&ll=48.906705,-84.400063&spn=0.118247,0.338173&t=h&z=12>




This is contrary to the Public Lands Act and our sovereignty as Canadian Citizens. Call your MPP along with the news media fifth@cbc.ca

Minister Orazietti seems to think,  this is a good thing the MNR is doing , depriving the taxpayers from using large tracks of Crown Land and Waters.

Write him at dorazietti.mpp@liberal.ola.org  if you think a public inquiry is required or you wish to complain about these important issues.



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