Update from OntORA

At our Annual General Meeting , held 27 April, 2013 the election of Officers had very few changes with Mike Boudreau , Joe Gerner, Paul Bois and John Kallio  remaining in their past positions while Tym Baker will take over the Treasure position and Bob Rollins will take on the role of Special Advisor.

Some modifications to the constitution were voted on and approved. Presentations were made by the Executive  and it was a successful AGM.

More details will be provided in our upcoming newsletter which will be published shortly to our members.

On 4 May OntORA  held a rally in Sudbury that proved to be successful, so much so another Rally is planned for Timmons on the 1 June.

Should you wish to participated or  would like more information please contact ; Roger Piche at 705-264-0013  or rogerpiche@eastlink.ca , Joe Gerner at 705-894-2340 or gogamajoe@ontera.net  , or Mike Boudreau at 705-889-2181 or mboudreau@xplornet.ca

Currently the ice is out or just about in most of our areas. Happy Fishing




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