World Record Walleye – Caught and Released in Lake Temagami in 2011!

Congratulations to Jay Miller on the confirmation of his World Record Walleye in the Freshwater Hall of Fame’s Catch and Release Division 4 pole/line category. The walleye caught on Lake Temagami during the 2011 winter had a girth of 22 in. and a width of 34 in.WorldRecord_Walleye_JayMiller

Along with recognizing the honour of a world record I would like to express my heart felt thanks and appreciation to Mr. Miller for his practice of catching, photographing and releasing large fish quickly and without the stress of being weighed. According to several formulas the fish would have weighed between 20 and 25.3 lbs.

That would mean that last spring the fish contributed 885,500 eggs to the walleye fishery in Lake Temagami and this spring will contribute even more. The hatched walleye will inherit the genetics of their successful, and genetically superior parent and will mature to enhance the Temagami walleye fishery.

Releasing the fish has also provided the opportunity for another angler to share the thrill of catching a world-class trophy fish.

Everyone wins when you release the big ones.

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  • t. burk March 25, 2012, 6:29 pm

    Thats one nice fish bud. I tottaly beleive in releasing any thing over a couple pounds.
    I caught my trophy, she was 17,in’ by 30′ unfortunly i did keep it,but i swear i will never keep any thing like that again. I allways keep a digatal cam with me. I caught that 1 in 1995.