Government Contacts: MNR & MPP’s

Here are phone numbers and email addresses for some government contacts, including MNR officials and bureaucrats, as well as local MPP’s. Contact all of the officials involved in your area and let them know how you feel. Ask them specifically how they plan on acting to restore equal public access to public land in Ontario.

It’s up to each and every one of us as individuals to contribute! It only takes a few minutes. Call them now, or click on one of the handy links to send a quick email.

MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources)

Minister: Hon. Linda Jeffrey (416) 314-2301

Deputy Minister: Virginia West (416) 314-2150

Chief of Staff: Lindsay Maskell (416) 314-2210

MNR Parliamentary Assistant: David Orazietti (705) 949-6959

ALSO, here are the phone numbers for every MNR district office in Ontario. They don’t publish email addresses, but call the MNR office in your district and ask to speak with the district manager.

Ontario MPP’s (Members of Provincial Parliament)

Phone numbers and email addresses for all current MPP’s in Ontario. Contact them now!